Tips to Write TOEFL Essay
Writing an essay is not easy task and you need to make sure that it is free from plagiarism and content that has been taken from some other resource without giving due credit. Plagiarism can be best defined as the academic term that is used when students use the words, ideas, and concepts of any other author or thinker and use them as their own, without giving them due credit to the original writer or speaker. There are times when you might end up plagiarizing not by will but by mistake. Therefore, it is important that you check the document thoroughly before submitting it to the teacher as plagiarism in the content can land you in trouble.

Writing an essay especially for TOELF is not easy task and you must give your best shot to this by hiring a UK essay writing service as a lot depends on your dedication and sincerity to produce top-quality and custom paper. Abbreviation of ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’, TOEFL is the best used by certain countries and academic institutes to judge students and check out their level of fluency in English before offering them immigrations and admissions. It would not be wrong to say that TOELF is the criteria on which foreign students are judged and accepted in other parts of the world where English is the native language. Thus, passing TOELF with flying colors is important if you are planning to seek admission to a prestigious and renowned college or university in the UK, USA, or even Canada and Australia where English is the official language.

You will be assigned an essay writing task as a part of the TOELF as the examiners would want to check out your writing, comprehension and analytical skills and judge how well versed you are in the English language and much you understand the standards and the norms for working in this mode of communication. You need to keep in mind the guidelines and the instructions provided by the examiner to make sure that you achieve success in this task and pass the test with flying colors to achieve your dreams.

However, you must keep in mind that writing a top quality and custom essay is only possible when you understand the significance of coming up with unique and custom content that you own. Even if you are using ideas or thoughts that have been used by someone else, you must not forget to give them credit as this is the only way to prevent plagiarism and avoid any problem later on. Your paper might get rejected in case it has been plagiarized or you might end up being blacklisted from taking the exam if the examiner is not happy with the way you have used content that originally belonged to someone else.

The best thing to avoid plagiarism in your TOEFL essay is to mention the name of the author, the book, its edition as well as other important details that must be mentioned to provide an insight to the original work. All this can be either mentioned in the footnotes or the bibliography as possible.

Another way to avoid plagiarism and write a perfect TOELF essay is to learn to paraphrase. This will help you immensely in avoiding plagiarism; all you have to do is read the information and details from books, journals, websites, or any other source and make your notes based on what you have understood from them. These notes will be your own and you can use these note for writing an essay without any problem; however, you need to remember that if you use particular phrases, research terms or copy down an example or case study, you will still be required to give credit to the author or researcher.

It is because the examiners check every essay with multiple plagiarism checking tools and if you do not provide the resources to the ideas and concepts that you are using in the paper, it will be considered plagiarism. Understand what plagiarism is all about and how you can go about avoiding it the best way. Working on a TOELF essay is no easy task, and you are not only working hard but putting a lot at stake which means you should not take things lightly. Plagiarism is a serious offense and it can cost you admission to some big institute or immigration to the country of your choice if you are not careful. Make sure to follow the right tips for writing a perfect TOEFL essay with no plagiarism.