Exam Score Affect
Students need to understand the significance of their exam scores as they play a key role in helping you get the degree with distinction and enjoy good grades in class. However, over the years it has been observed that only exam scores are not enough for students to get their dream job and dream career. It has been noted that some brilliant students who always got A1 grade and were the apple of the teachers’ eyes were not so lucky and they ended up compromising on the job, choosing a career that paid their bills when it came to their dream job.

On the other hand, the students who were not so lucky with grades and scores in class and were often I trouble with the teacher due to their lack of focus on studies were quite successful in getting their dream jobs and careers and were doing jobs that amazed others who knew them as students. The question has been circulating the academic as well as the professional circles for years now as parents as well as teachers are unable to understand the reason behind this. They fail to understand that why it is so that students who worked hard all the year and just focused on their studies were not so fortunate to get their dream career while students who were just studying because they had to were better off and secure better careers.

Students, Exams And Dream Jobs – Is It Even True:
Students are often told that there is no such thing as a dream job and they must study hard and secure good grades if they want to find a good job and secure their future. Dream job does not mean a dream job but it implies doing something that they will enjoy and want to do for the rest of their lives. Students can look forward to getting their dream jobs if they work hard, focus on their studies but also take an active part in extracurricular activities and develop a passion that will take help them shapeup a good future for them.

Experts of dissertation writing service firms believe that it all depends on students’ psychology and their ability to work in the right direction. Many students focus on their studies but they do not think out of the box and their main purpose is just to study and keep the teachers happy. These students spend most of their time in the library or their rooms, studying hard without going out, interacting with other people, and seeing the world as it is. With all their efforts and hard work, these students can secure good grades in class but they do not have any experience or idea regarding the world and what is going around them and when they meet potential employers, they fail to impress them as they have no idea of anything except their academic background. Not only this but these students also sometimes feel uncomfortable outside their comfort zone which often lands them in trouble.

On the other hand, students who just study because they have to and this will take them forward are more outgoing and are more interested in other things as compared to their studies. Their interest in many things and their will to do much more than just focusing on studies gives them a broader perspective and they are more confident and more outgoing which is often appreciated by employers. however, this but does not any chance decrease the significance of education and studies but goes on to show how important it is for students to be an all-rounder and participate in other things too during their academic years.

A high GPA score shows that students have learned the course material, understand what their field of study is all about and they are dedicating enough time attention to their studies. It also goes on to show that they are taking their studies seriously and are looking forward to making their place in the job market. However, it is also necessary to understand that when going in the job market for work, the only degree will not be seen, the students' skills, training, learning to adapt and attitude will matter and lot. The employers might end up hiring students on their degrees but students can only retain their job or internship based on their skills and ability to prove their mettle.

Students need to understand that their exams scores matter a lot but their skills, ability to grasp, and enthusiasm also play a very critical role in getting their dream job. This is the main reason why people who switch careers in middle stages can succeed as it is their passion that takes over everything and they can do what they believe is their dream job or career.