Digital Technology Health And Responsibility

By reading this post by dissertation help UK, you will get to know about how digital technology has impacts on our health and what our responsibility in a digital world is.

Digital Technology Health And Responsibility 

Digital technology has changed the ways of learning, thinking and dreaming, indeed, technology has altered to human beings; we are using personal laptops, tablets and phones in the field of education, health and science. Yes, of course, it has helped a lot and we have discovered new innovations but technologies are morph and disburse. 

With its unlimited benefits, technology affects us physically as well as emotionally. According to the recent book of Professor Larry Rosen[i] of California State University, “An eyesight issue is exiting due to the overuse of technology and many symptoms of a psychiatric disorder such as OCD, narcissism, addiction or even ADHD, which are manifested through your use or overuse of technology”. 

Digital Eye Strain 

American Optometric Association[ii] has declared that the overuse of the technology such as computers, tablets and cell phones can become the cause of eye strain. In the eye strain factors are bad lighting or too much lighting, screen glare and improper viewing distance. The most practical and advantageous formula to avoid eyesight disorder is the formula of 20-20-20. You can follow this rule to save your eyesight. Some symptoms of eye strain are giving below:

Blurred vision 


Dry eye 

Neck and shoulder pain

Musculoskeletal Problems 

At that moment when a person is using a Smartphone and he is holding an unnatural function of learning, this position of hearing becomes the cause of stress on the shoulders, spine and neck. Most recent studies have asserted that neck problem and shoulder pain is founded in the person who used to mobile for a long time. On the other hand, the stuff yourself of mobiles can strain injuries in the fingers, wrist and thumbs. In 1990, technology was spreading in all around the world when doctors find teens, low back pain and neck-shoulder pain. You should follow these steps in order to reduce pain 

Regular breaks 

Organize an ergonomic workplace 

Try to maintain your proper posture during the time of Smartphone’s use

Eat a balanced diet

Digital Technology Effects to the Kids 

Yes, of course, digital technology is not only affecting the lives of the young generation, indeed, but it is also affecting the life of the kids. Nowadays, parents give their children mobiles, video games and tech toys in order to play. In most cases, kids are becoming addictive to digital technology. Behavioral changes are also found in the life of the kids; therefore, parents should give less time to play. Parents should try to improve physical skills in the children.

Sleep Problems 

The use of technology in the bedroom is increasing with the passage of time. So, technology is disturbing to our sleeping routine in many ways. Approximately, 80percent young people who are using digital technology are inquisitive in their sleep. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 90 percent of people in the United States say that they use the device in the hour before going to bed, which can be physiologically and psychologically stimulating enough to affect sleep[iii]. The use of blue light is also affecting the sleep routine of the people. Therefore, a student should not use technology in the morning time, in spite of this; the use of electronic device in the bedroom is very disturbing and difficult to switch off and without peaceful environment, it more difficult to get a night of proper sleep.

Emotional Problems 

It is the truth and we can prove without any doubt that social media has affected our emotional life. The ways to connect people are very easy; indeed, we can see a world in every corner of the world. A recent study has declared that 1800 people who are young are emotionally disturbing. The highest school has not allowed the students to use technology in the classroom for their personal matters. 

When we use technology for a long time, we fee disturbance in the emotional imbalance. So, you should not overuse the technology for a long time, because, it will affect our emotions such as depression, substance, and aggressive behavior. As we have published many articles on vides game that with the overuse of video game, children are becoming more aggressive and angry. So, same case is happening with the young people, they are also changing into angry birds.


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