Best way to write an essay for a scholarship

Scholarship essay is very important because it is the description of the applicant that apply for a scholarship. It is used a source by the scholarship committee to find out about the applicant, his background and his goals etc. A number of applicants apply for the same scholarship. Thus the applicant should write with special care in order to make his essay distinct from another applicants. 
It gives an individual the opportunity to talk about his or her competences, experiences and abilities. It represents an individual beyond his CGPA or academic qualification. It highlights the writing skills as well as the approach of an individual. That is why for writing a scholarship essay following points should be kept in mind:

Goals of the sponsor organization

· Objectives of the grant

Steps to Write a Best Scholarship Essay

Following steps should be followed in order to write a best scholarship essay:

1. Aware of your Audience
The applicant should know about the sponsor organization, their goals and objectives. The sponsor must have a particular criteria in their mind for the selection of a student. The applicant must be aware of that criteria. The essay should be written in such a way that the sponsor is persuaded enough to opt that particular application among thousands of applications. It is only possible it matches the set criteria in that mind of the sponsor.

2. List the Keywords

Make a list of keywords to be mentioned in the essay. Whatever the topic is but it should the applicant’s interests, background, experiences and achievements etc. Following are some important keywords list that should be mentioned:

· Awards or honors

· Extra courses or certificates

· Internships or other academic experiences

· Your goals and how it links the sponsor organization’s goals

· Academic interests and future goals

· Trainings and projects

· Extra skills for example how to combat challenges

· Financial status

After specifying the key points draw an outline. The best way is to write down main points. These will serve as main headings. Fill subheadings with these main headings that serve as main headings.

3. A Strong Thesis Statement

A strong thesis statement is the soul of any essay. It represents the individual’s personality. Each and every detail should be written with specific care because it shows the applicant’s concern towards the subject. The minute detail mentioned should describe that how passionate is the applicant about the subject. For example; “Math is my favorite subject. I love teaching Math. Although it is considered boring but my interest gives me extra strength to develop student’s interest in studies”. Avoid using statements like “their lack of interest annoys me” etc.

4. Proof Reading

Once the essay is completed. It should be read again and again. Try to rewrite the statements where it seems necessary. After 3 readings and editing of the document. It should by checked by an expert. The expert must be critical and should keep the following points in the mind;

· Attractiveness of the essay

· Grammar

· Appropriateness to the prompt

· Any further addition required

· Sounds like the applicant’s voice
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