Power And Discrimination Practice In Social Work

The power and discrimination related to the favour that is given to a specific person or a group of the other persons or the group. There are many characteristics of using the power and the discrimination. The first characteristic is related to the age of the people. The second characteristic is related to the gender and the race of the people. The third characteristic is related to the disability and the religion of the people. The fourth characteristic is related to the pregnancy, sexuality, and civil partnership of the people. If you are a social worker, then you should try to do something in order to eradicate the concept of the power and discrimination from the society. Its reason is that the wrong use of power and discrimination are unlawful according to the Equality Act. 

Types of the discrimination
There are various types of the discrimination that are affecting the people directly or indirectly. These types of the discrimination are given below;

1) Direct discrimination

The first and the most common type of the discrimination is that which is affecting the people directly. For example, if you are going to apply for a job and you are eligible for this job, but you are not given this job because either you are too young or too old, then this thing comes into the direct discrimination.

2) Indirect discrimination

There are some laws that are made by the organizations and these laws are affecting some people indirectly. For example, if an organization makes a law that there will be no holiday on Sunday, then it will affect the Christians indirectly. Its reason is that the Sunday is the worship day for the Christians.

3) Discrimination by association

As we know that in an association, the people from the different regions and different races work. If this organization provides some unfair offers and bonuses to the workers of a particular race or region to the workers of the other races and regions, then this thing comes into the discrimination by association.

Along with these common types of the discrimination, there are also some other types of the discrimination like discrimination by perception, harassment, and victimization. If you are not able to understand the power and discrimination in an effective way, then you can get help from the assignment writing services.

Effects of discrimination

The use of the power for the unfair means and discrimination are the threats to a society. Their main effects on the society are given below;

1) If you are not able to get a job instead of the high merit, then this thing becomes the cause of a lot of the physical and emotional impacts. The most common impacts in this regard are the anxiety, sadness, and emptiness.

2) Due to this anxiety, sadness, and emptiness, most of the people are not able to perform well in their studies. Moreover, they also face a lot of social and financial impact.

3) If these kinds of the discrimination are faced by the societies and the organizations, then their production level will be decreased.
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